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InnoWEEE has two interrelated key objectives. First, the project aims to increase the amount of collected electric/electronic devices; second, it aspires to practice resource-efficient processes for the collected devices: EEE will be reused/refurbished while WEEE will be recycled or it will evaluate the preparation for reuse.

Handling, processing, and delivering data from millions of devices worldwide is a complex and remarkable feat that hinges on edge computing systems. While edge computing brings computation and data storage closer, fog computing brings analytic services to the edge of the network. It’s an alternative to cloud computing. The EU-funded MARVEL project will develop an Edge-to-Fog-to-Cloud ubiquitous computing framework to enable multimodal perception and intelligence for audio-visual scene recognition, event detection, and situational awareness in a Smart City Environment.

The retail world is going through a period of strong evolution, accelerated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. E-commerce is a pillar of society, and through necessity, it outperformed physical shop retail in many product sectors, e.g., electronics, books. To cope with new social distancing measures being enforced by nearly all countries, shortly traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers must introduce innovations that can help them maintain their profit margins and support customers’ choice, access, and most importantly, their employees’ safety.

IoT Rapid-Proto Labs is a European transnational project bringing Higher Education Institutions and businesses together to accelerate Internet of Things (IoT) product development. The project will create and implement a multidisciplinary (ICT, Design and Electrical Engineering) course curriculum which is focused on real problem-based activities (innovative IoT product development for SME’s/Start-ups).

Europe’s workforce needs to get back in motion in a safe manner. Social distancing is currently the most important factor we can control in the outbreak. We come with a peer-to-peer solution, a wearable device that will enable workforce distancing, tracing, and tracking potential incidents limiting the spread of disease and further disruption to business operations. The prototype exists, we plan to rapidly test and deploy in offices, retail and industrial settings with employers and employees.

SpinRetail is a project coordinated by Spindox Labs for the implementation of a system, hardware and software, which aim is monitoring and analysis of user behavior within retail outlets. IoT technologies and Cloud computing are enabling the design of novel "smart" solution to track people and goods within retail stores, identifying and preventing theft at the point of sale and managing adaptively the supplying and monitoring of shelves.

EEG for early detection of ASD in infants. Early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is crucial for effective intervention. Studies show that newborns with ASD have noticeably different preferences for certain social stimuli. An EEG-based index of face processing could be used as a biomarker for prediction, but its measure requires the infant's EEG to be recorded in laboratory settings.

CRYSTALCLEAR - Evaluating Synchronous Transmission Reliability under WiFi Interference in WiSHFUL

Radio communication remains the primary battery consuming activity in wireless systems. Advances in MAC protocols have enabled significant lifetime improvements, but in systems with low data rate, idle listening, and other communication artifacts can begin to dominate costs. One proposal to combat this is the addition of a second, extremely low power radio component that is always-on.

The goal of the CLIMB project in collaboration with the Municipality of Trento, is enhancing independent and active mobility of children. This goal is pursued by making their mobility safe, social and entertaining, taking advantage from the social network (family, volunteers, school, etc.) and from ICT.  A first trial is currently underway at the school of Meano with a specific focus on the piedibus management.