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Tangible Interfaces


The project focuses on an innovative, portable and low cost system to design fast and interactive 3D sketched-models using a 3D curve network. It is the result of a first project within the Dept. of Mathematics (Prof. Morigi) and the formerly Dept. of Electronics, Computer Science and System at University of Bologna. It is now prosecuting in an Eureka Eurostars project called NIIT4CAD.

This project aims to develop an innovative system for rehabilitation of fine movements in PD patients, focusing in particular on micrographia. Recent studies show the positive effect of the use of cueing on writing. Therefore, we want to implement a system based on low-power embedded technologies to be used at home, which allow the user to exercise in writing by receiving appropriate feedback (auditory, visual or vibrotactile) to correct the tendency to start writing small of PD patient or to slow down and even freeze.