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Rehabilitation of micrographia in Parkinson's Disease: a biofeedback augmented pen

Project researchers

This project aims to develop an innovative system for rehabilitation of fine movements in PD patients, focusing in particular on micrographia. Recent studies show the positive effect of the use of cueing on writing. Therefore, we want to implement a system based on low-power embedded technologies to be used at home, which allow the user to exercise in writing by receiving appropriate feedback (auditory, visual or vibrotactile) to correct the tendency to start writing small of PD patient or to slow down and even freeze. The system aims to be used by patients independently at home, therefore it should be easy to use, enable a prior phase at clinical site to be configurate by clinician with personalized training. The project is scientifically and technologically challenging, paving the way for optimization in terms of energy efficiency, on-board sensor-fusion, but also considering aspects such as usability and compliance with the requirement of applications. Furthermore, it will advance evidence from a clinical perspective of motor rehabilitation and training based on cueing in PD. This project is lead by the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Leuven (Prof. Alice Nieuwboer - KU Leuven).

Publications related to the project

  • Evelien Nackaerts, Alice Nieuwboer, Elisabetta Farella “Technology-assisted rehabilitation of writing skills in Parkinson’s disease: The Feedback Pen”  under revision
  • Leonardo Guardati, Filippo Casamassima, Elisabetta Farella, Luca Benini “Paper, pen and ink: an innovative system and software framework to assist writing rehabilitation” Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE), 2015, pp.1473-1478, 9-13 March 2015, Grenoble, France
  • E Nackaerts, E Heremans, E Farella, L Guardati, B Smits-Engelsman, S Swinnen, W Vandenberghe, A Nieuwboer “Technology-assisted Rehabilitation of Writing Skills in Parkinson’s Disease”, accepted at Symposium on Technology-supported Rehabilitation in neurodegenerative disorders, organized by University of Hasselt, 29th November, 2014 
- Developing a biofeedback system based on a smart pen - Developing a tool for clinicians to configure a personalized training for the patient - Evaluating the efficacy of the system to improve writing in PD patients
Wednesday, 12 March, 2014

Research Group for Neuromotor Rehabilitation, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences - KU LEUVEN


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