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NIIT4CAD - SmartPen for 3D interaction and sketch-based surface modeling

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The project focuses on an innovative, portable and low cost system to design fast and interactive 3D sketched-models using a 3D curve network. It is the result of a first project within the Dept. of Mathematics (Prof. Morigi) and the formerly Dept. of Electronics, Computer Science and System at University of Bologna. It is now prosecuting in an Eureka Eurostars project called NIIT4CAD.

The system is based on a stereo camera and a wireless pen-shaped device (called SmartPen) equipped with an inertial measurement unit, infra-red LEDs and a Bluetooth transceiver. The SmartPen, controlled by the user and tracked in three-dimensional space by the combination of video and inertial data, is used to draw the style lines of the object to be modeled in the virtual space. Starting from the acquired curves, the system automatically reconstructs the sketched surface through an interactive optimization approach, finding the smooth subdivision surface which best approximate the 3D curve network. The SmartPen also provides interactive capabilities to control the modeling section, introducing facilities for navigation and editing of the virtual scene. Real-time visual feedback on the on-going modeling process is provided to the user to ease the overall experience. 

Milosevic, Bojan; Bertini, Flavio; Farella, Elisabetta; Morigi, Serena, A SmartPen for 3D interaction and sketch-based surface modelingin «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY», 2015.

Monday, 17 March, 2014
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