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Thanks to the experience maturated by people of the group, at the time they were at DEI, University of Bologna, in several EU and National projects (e.g. FP6 SENSACTIONAAL, FP7 SMILING, FP7 CuPiD and RER PERHL) in cooperation with the Bioengineering group led by Prof. Chiari, the E3DA Unit keep invastigating on the use of wireless body area networks, with particular focus on inertial sensing and audio and vibrotactile actuation, in several application domain. We have a strong experience in particular in wireless IMU nodes design, firmware development for embedded sensor fusion (e.g.

From 2014 E3DA cooperates with CoRehab Srl to optimize and enrich their products. We are transferring our expertise in inertial sensing, motion tracking and rehabilitation to the company. At the same time the use of the advanced technologies developed at CoRehab are increasing our knowledge in functional assessment in sport and recovery from injuries.